The road infrastructure market accounts for more than CHF 550 billion worldwide. Road infrastructure are key to connect people and enable trade but their environmental impact is important as 18.5% of global carbon emissions come from road transportation and 60,000 tons of resources are needed to build 1 km of highway.

Data-driven decisions on road sustainability are the future. So we have launched ORIS, a digital pavement design and sourcing tool with low project costs, low carbon footprint and long lifespan. For each road project, ORIS can assess road design with a holistic view, from construction down to maintenance. By analysing parameters such as local resources, expected traffic and weather conditions, ORIS can offer a whole set of appropriate design solutions. Our customers can therefore evaluate each solution taking into account carbon footprint, use of local resources, lifespan and costs.



  • Optimize road projects
  • Reduce carbon footprint by up to 50%
  • Increase road lifespan by up to 3 times
  • Lower the costs by a range between 15% and 30%

Currently ORIS is used in projects in Azerbaijan, France, Mexico, and the UK.