Better water management for the city of Chongqing thanks to Hydromedia™!

20 August 2014

Located in a particularly wet area, the exhibition center of the city of Chongqing (China) features a forecourt made in Hydromedia™, our LafargeHolcim pervious concrete, which is one of the largest areas in the world made in pervious concrete, a solution that matches the ambitions of a city standing as a flagship of the new large economic zone of the country.


Chongqing, the metropolis of Western China (nearly 30 million people in the autonomous municipality, including 9.5 million in the city itself) now has an exhibition center matching its economic importance. Over about 600,000 m² spread halls, shops, restaurants and a 77,000 m² conference center, the eighth largest in the world - plus a forecourt to receive outdoor events.

Climate and strong economic activity: the two challenges of Chongqing exhibition center

Located in southwest of China, Chongqing is subject to a humid subtropical climate, with an influence of monsoons which makes it one of the warmest and wettest cities in China. In addition, the exhibition center is located in the new special economic zone called Liangjiang, "two rivers", located between the Yangtze and Jialing River. Therefore, it was very important for the forecourt to find a coating both permeable and strong enough to support the weight of trucks for exhibition setup.

LafargeHolcim's answers: pervious concrete Hydromedia™ reinforced concrete and high speed of execution

The contractor of the exhibition center had several requirements regarding materials: the rapid penetration of rainwater, a color perfectly integrated with the rest of the site and a fast implementation.

After considering a solution based on porous bricks in the first place, the contractor and its architects finally decided to select our proposal, which combined two concretes:

  • A reinforced concrete, to ensure the strength of the forecourt against heavy traffic,
  • Our pervious concrete Hydromedia™, to ensure drainage of the forecourt and the proper flow of heavy stormwater.

Our Chinese team also succeeded in the timing: the construction of reinforced concrete substructure and drainage system and the installation of an 8-cm layer of Hydromedia™ on a surface of 30,000 m2 were performed in only twenty days!

The result is one of the largest areas in the world made ​in pervious concrete. A good way to keep dry visitors coming to the city of Chongqing for long!